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In Expired Listings

What is your WHY?

Words are powerful and the words you choose will help you succeed. Enjoy this excerpt Ted Talk.

Ted Talk

Approach The Mindset


Reaction Formation



Human Behavior to Avoid Depression

Look for Rationalization Communication

When a person does not get what they want they make excuses for it or consider it ok. They will use terms such as "I wasn't sure I really wanted to sell anyway." or "not meant to sell anyhow."


Reaction Formation

Hiding Real Feelings to not Appear Vulnerable

When a person feels sad but makes jokes to offset their sadness, this is a form of rationalization. In real estate, when a home does not sell, the seller could be angry, however shrugs it off.



When Someone is Angry

Take Frustration Out on Another

Ever hear of the saying "it runs downhill"? That is displacement behavior. A skilled agent will recognize a persons behavior and use dialog that subdues and guides them to their real goals.


Most People List Because They Want To Sell

Next Steps- #1

Re-List with Current Agent

Follow the Code of Ethics

If a Seller is re-listing, then be professional and follow the Code of Ethics and wish them well. Do ask the question, "how long did you re-list for?"

Next Steps- #2

Taking the Home Off the Market

Seller Maybe Using Rationalization

Professionals will guide the Seller to visualize their dreams of their new home. Simply ask "What made you put your home on the market originally?"

Next Steps- #3

List the Home- FSBO

Pushing Them Could Create Displacement Behavior

This is the best time to listen. They may have lost faith in the profession. Ask them, "have you ever gotten a bad haircut?" Lead them to the fact that all agents are not created equal.

Next Steps- #4

They List With You

Be Prepared to Schedule Your Listing Appointment

Most agents do not expect the seller to be open to meeting to try again. So be prepared and be sure you have your schedule available.

When You Win the Listing

Price it Right

89% of Listings Sell on the MLS When Priced Right

Your Seller will have learned from their past experience and so you will want to be sure that this new experience is a winner. Do you job to the best of your ability and use your tools to impress.

Use the Accountability Report

Provide Consistent Feedback

All clients deserve to know what is occurring with the process. Provide them with consistent feedback and earn the right to ask for referrals in the future.

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